Clive Bennett & Associates
Strategic HR - roles and responsibilities

Here we look at how roles and responsibilities are optimally distributed up and down the hierarchy and across functions within departments.

The process begins with extensive interviews with senior and middle managers to understand their key tasks and objectives. Beginning with the main objectives of the whole department we tunnel down to the detailed responsibilities and tasks required to achieve those objectives. Workshops are held to adjust role descriptions and priorities. The model is adjusted automatically during the discussion to allow fluid and dynamic debate on roles, responsibilities and their prioritisation at different levels.

The key aspect of this model is to document and visualise how different levels and areas of a team interlink in their objectives, responsibilities and tasks. The final output gives, on the one hand, a visual representation of the whole department's functional structure and, on the other, a detailed listing of primary, secondary and peripheral tasks and responsibilities for each position within the department. As it is a completely dynamic model, roles, responsibilities and organigram structures can be rapidly adjusted.